The company management have a vision of growth which is based on meeting the customers demands ranging from counselling, consultation and lectures on both new and current products for energy industry to the sale of goods. Nowadays we use and are steadily improving the system of quality management in conformity with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004  which guarantee top quality of the services provided by BOHEMIA-PRO-LAN for many years.

The following are our apparent priorities in quality management:
- our essential aim is to meet the requirements and wishes of our customers; customer satisfaction comes before anything else
- we give first-rate service; our staff are always more than willing to offer help to our customers
- a positive approach, good manners, high professionalism and considerable expertise, reliability and seriousness form the code of behaviour adhered to by our staff
- we do our best to keep up the tradition and good name of the company; together with our huge effort to improve the quality and quantity of our services we try to enhance the long-term prospects of our business and consequently customer certainty

The following are our apparent priorities in environmental regulation:
-we prevent all possible sources of  environmental damage and we especially try to focus on suppliers who include EMS principles into their activity;
-open and helpful communication with public and involved sides, we provide information about impact of our activity on the environment;
-our instruments in improving of system effectiveness of environmental management are mainly following: identification, revision and evaluation of relevance of all environmental aspects, determination of aims, defining of our aims and EMS programs and defined system of supervisory mechanisms.

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