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The company founders are experts in voltage systems. The beginning of their business activity dates back to 1993. It was in an effort to continue improving our services that the company BOHEMIA-PRO-LAN LLC was established in the year 1998. The company is specialized in business and building activities.

During its existence BOHEMIA-PRO-LAN LLC has gained a regular circle of customers and suppliers. Long-standing Czech and Slovak customers include above all ČEZ, ČEPS, Východoslovenská energetika, Středoslovenská energetika, SEPS and participant assembling companies.

The company provides supplies of string and line-post ceramic, composite and epoxy insulators for electric industry. In addition we provide supplies of string and line-post ceramic and composite insulators for high tension and very high tension where our company exclusively represents one of the most significant European manufacturers- LAPP Insulators GmbH.
In the year 2004 BOHEMIA-PRO-LAN began dealing with spheres of industrial wiring systems and with department of Czech railage in which we are certificated and qualified. The part of our activities are also assemblies, reconstructions, revisions and tests of certain electrical apparatuses on the ground of the whole Czech republic.

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We have launched all new updated website on 08.02.2011. We hope that you will find all required information about complex supplies for energetic industry.
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